Thursday, June 28, 2012

Preview: My Fixie Girl's Lo-Pro by Ave Maldea


Here's a sneak peek of Marian's first custom fixed gear. It's a lo-pro frame made by Avelino Maldea, with a 75-degree head tube and seat tube angles made of High Tensile steel.

Just finished painting it with a gunmetal finish, utilizing only a spray can.  I'm pretty happy with the results.

This build still needs a straight fork, headset, seatpost, and a saddle to have it done by tomorrow.

More of this build next week. Thanks Mang Ave for the frame!

Review: ABNORMAL Hip Bag

Just 3 days after ordering a custom hipbag from Arvin of ABNORMAL, this arrived at my doorstep.  It is really great to know that when you see a product elsewhere but it's too expensive, there's someone who can not only customize it for you, but make it much better.

Pictured above is the basis of how I wanted the hipbag to look like. I redesigned the dimensions so that I can fit in my hand pump, a patch kit, and a shirt when I bike to work.

Here are the specifics:
Width: 19cm (bottom) / 25cm (top)
Height: 14 cm
Depth: 3cm
Material: Ballistic Nylon

It has a removable belt strap, so there's always the option of strapping it onto any of my belts. The bag is so well-made, all stitches and linings look solid, and the materials used will definitely take any abuse you throw at it. And it definitely looks freaking good. He even customized the color of his logo!

Last night was a real test.  After our traditional Wednesday Night Ride, there was a sudden downpour while riding in the middle of Pasig City going to Cainta.  I was so drenched, even my socks got wet.  But because of the strong, waterproof material used on the bag, I was able to secure my things especially my mobile phone.

So if you're in need of custom bags and power straps, you know who to contact.

Watch out as we would definitely see more stuff from him.
photo credit: Jonel

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Wednesday! See you later!

See you later at Bonifacio Global City - Football Grounds. Let's MASH MANILA!

The Giro Air Attack Helmet

The latest development in cycling helmet is here. the Giro Air Attack. check out the video and see the developments they made on this headgear. I love how they designed the magnetic vision shield and of course the aerodynamics and airflow. see it more here


Mnl_Tol_Byk is the latest addition to our partner sites. Having the most unique fixed gear here in Manila, he also have his own share of the culture at and also creates his own videos on FX GR
Welcome to Mashin'Manila!

Monday, June 25, 2012

NJS Mondays : Dex - En route to his NJS

a Bridgestone Anchor is on it's way to Davao City. Dex, making sure that everything is stamped.

this is an official NJS Mondays special feature as we will keep you posted every week for the making of this build.

Thank you Dex Tan!

Friday, June 22, 2012

MFG sunday rides at MOA (Mall of Asia)

"Bente natin, pang DVD natin." - manilaanimal

This is part of a series of fundraising rides to build a MFG Bicycle Documentary and DVD Library. Instead of covertly downloading the bike films we want to watch, we decided to pay respect to the creators by buying their product and watching it together with our fellow riders. It just seems more fun that way.

See you guys this Sunday! 

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Header and a New Contributor

A new header courtesy of our brother WHAM, Thanks for the support!

Seen the review on the GaitFXD below? Aaronspokes is the man behind Fixophrenia.He'll be doing some posts from now on and help me with the site. New reviews of the products plus more news on the upcoming trends in the Fixed Gear scene. We'll be focusing on the uprising culture here and show the world how we MASH MANILA.

Beta: A Ride In Progress (The GaitFXD 1.0 Review)

Pictured above is a two-week old work in progress, still waiting for bits and pieces.  In the mean time, below is the review on the GaitFXD frameset:

The Good
   -Shares the same geometry with Leader 721/725. The first thing noticeable about this is the 'Leader' design.
  -The seller and manufacturer don't claim it's a Leader, but the frame I got has a serial and model number engraved on the BB shell.
   -Seattube angle allows the rider to have a more aggressive position when pedalling
   -Headtube angle is not too steep, let's the frame absorb more impact than the rider's shoulders/elbows
  -Integrated headtube allows a lower mounting option for the stem.
Build Quality
   -Looks and feels solid.
-Materials used are of great quality.
-BB shell and headtube is thicker, unlike other aluminum frames.
-Welds look very good, not sloppy.
-All tubes look symmetric. No unwanted dimples.
-Stainless steel dropouts keeps the rear wheel in place.
-Carbon fork is very stiff, takes a beating.
The Ride
-I ride hard and usually give my bikes a beating. I've ridden this for around 200kms in two weeks, and it feels solid.
-Rode for 18 hours (Tagaytay ride) and it felt great.
-Very nimble, very responsive. Easier to stop and take-off.
-Frame rides as stiff as steel, but with less vibrations.
-Super light. I got up a VERY steep uphill in Silang, mashed only 10 to 20 meters of flat before attacking the slope. I got to the top without any problems.
   -Rider will have a little bit of advantage when faced with headwinds (no pun intended). Since it's so light and is an aero frame,  you can easily cut through it.
The Bad
   -Paint can chip off easily on the edges of the frame (headtube, seattube)
   -Get's dirty very easy. I ride a glossy white frame.
   -Crosswinds are a pain in the butt. Width of the downtube catches most of it, and the weight also becomes a factor as it can be easily swept by the sudden gusts of wind.

   - Very light, yet very solid.
   - Bang for the freaking buck!
   - Unless you're looking for a bike that cleans itself, there's no reason not to get one.

By aaronspokes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Here's an Instragram preview of what Arvin has made me. A customized Hip Pack in all black. Watch out for my review by the time it comes by my doorsteps. It's a bang for the buck plus free of charge shipping!

Let's support local brands! Thanks ABNORMAL

Tik's street build - TCOOLS

TCOOLS by Guan "TIK"

Made in Manila by Ave Maldea

Kinesis/ Tange

All City 46t

Pedals/Toe clip/Strap:
MKS mt lux compe / MKS cages / Nylon Christophe straps

17t Cog / Andel lock ring / Halflink YBN

Cinelli pepper gold / MCNLxDEFGRIP grip / Ant Cinelli/Cinelli bar end

Selle Italia Kevlar Carbon

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Deep V rims / All City hubs / Vittoria Zaffiro Slick 23c

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Alex Rims anodized red / All City hubs / Zaffiro 23c

seems familiar? it is the fastest cat in the REBEL NIGHT RIDE Crit Race ridden by none other than TIK, I've ridden with him in the hills of Tanay, Rizal and I can say that this person is fearless especially attacking downhills. This bike is also a regular commuter which he uses everyday. new upgrades are the Cinelli Pepper bars and stem with a really cool MCNLxDEFGRIP grip. see it regularly on WeFXD's wednesday night ride.

Monday, June 18, 2012

NJS Mondays : Back to Back Mai & Kiko

NJS Mondays is a double treat. Kiko's Pink Panther and the newly built Blue NinJa (as we call it)!

Will provide bike checks on these bikes in the next days so watch out! The bikes have conqured the 
INDI RIDE and mashed all the way up and down Tagaytay City.

Photos by Tim

WeFXD - INDI RIDE Tagaytay June 12, 2012

We made it 136 kms of fun and hardwork. Glad we we're able to complete the ride with 0 mishaps
Till our next ride.. Photo by Tim and bangkal bikes

at the rotonda

Sorry for the long wait. been busy with work last week. Will gonna post some new stuff tomorrow.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

INDI RIDE all set!

The INDI RIDE is all set tomorrow morning!

June 12, 2012

4am Ride out
7-8am Breakfast (along the way)
12nn Bulalo Lunch
3pm - Ride/Skid +Video in the City of Tagaytay
 3-4pm - Ride back to Manila

Our ride will have a back-up van and a videographer so we'll have a contribution - maximum amount is 150Php(depends on the number of Going - it can get lower). You can leave your bags inside the van during the ride and it will also be a service in-case of mishaps.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


WeFXD's first organized long ride is a trip to Tagaytay City on our Independence Day. We'll ride-out at exactly 5am going up to this city province and chill with the subtropical-like climate. Watch out as we'll be taking some footage of this ride.

Thanks Wham for the event poster.

Monday, June 04, 2012

NJS Mondays : Mai Mailan prepping the NJS

Nihon Jitensha ShinkĊkai or Japan Keirin Association,often abbreviated NJS. Today the present JKA is responsible for fostering Japan's bicycle industry and regulating keirin racing in Japan. - wiki

Mai Mailan is taking it to the next level, building his own pure NJS approved build.

Nitto Jaguar 58-Degree Stem inside the black box.

A brand new Groupset by Shimano.

We'll keep an eye on this build. Making sure that a special build will be seen on a special monday.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Cinelli "Assassin" MASH

A BADASS matte black build of this Cinelli MASH is sick. It seems that this build is one of the prototype of the ever famous MASH frameset. Too bad that the original owner had sold this because of a broken clavicle. see more pics and details on the PEDAL ROOM